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The best products for your pet

In our veterinary store you will be able to find the best variety of products for pets in Aguadulce, ranging from a multitude of high-quality dry (feed) and wet food references, including feed for personalized prescription diets; to products for the grooming and hygiene of your pet such as shampoos, colognes, brushes and combs, going through different types of accessories such as leashes, harnesses and collars.

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Food for pets in Aguadulce

As we have already mentioned, we have a wide variety of food products for both dogs and cats as well as exotic animals with which to keep them healthy and cared for from the inside out.

And it is that food plays a key role when it comes to ensuring the well-being of our animals, constituting a factor of great importance for their correct development from when they are puppies.

But that’s not all, an adequate balanced diet adapted to the needs of your pet will be key to preventing diseases, strengthening its immune system and helping to keep it healthy and protected from the inside.

Top quality veterinary care for your pet 

Leave your pet in the best hands. Experience and high clinical quality to keep your pet protected.

Feed for prescription diets for pets in Aguadulce

If, as we have mentioned, food represents one of the most important issues when it comes to preventing different pathologies and diseases, both of a digestive nature and of another nature, prescription diets go a step further and contribute to combat and treat (along with the corresponding veterinary treatment) pathologies of a renal, joint or dermatological nature, among others.

Thanks to the feed for prescription diets we can help treat different pathologies, serving as a complement and help to combat them and improving the state of health of our pet through food.

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Veterinary advice to choose the diet that best suits your pet

For all this, it is extremely important to have veterinary advice and advice that indicates the diet that best suits the nutritional and energy needs as well as the health of our pet.

In this way we will be able to provide you with a quality diet that helps to keep you always in the best health conditions, providing you with greater well-being and quality of life.

All this becomes even more important when we talk about exotic animals, since they have specific nutritional and food needs that require a special diet to keep them healthy and prevent health problems.

Top quality veterinary care for your pet 

Leave your pet in the best hands. Experience and high clinical quality to keep your pet protected.

Give your pet the best nutrition with Alborán Veterinary Clinic in Aguadulce

At our veterinary clinic in Aguadulce we offer you the best advice so that your pet receives the diet that suits its needs, to ensure that it is properly fed, healthy and protected from the inside out.

A well-fed pet will be a healthier animal with a better quality of life.

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